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Everyone agrees that Networking is critically important but it is now going to become more important than ever, particularly if you are thinking about a post pandemic career move or looking to maintain you network while working remotely. In a totally disrupted world you are going to need your trusted contacts and they are going to need you.

However schools and colleges don’t teach Networking and companies don’t have strategies for it.

Guru of global philanthropy and networker par excellence Kingsley Aikins joins the RDI Hub for a free networking training session.

 This training will lay out a precise process on how to build and maintain a strong and diverse network. It will outline the changes in attitude, behaviour and skills which will be needed to bring this about

Learn from The Networking Institute’s Chief Executive Officer, Kingsley Aikins. Prior to founding the Networking Institute, Kingsley held a variety of roles including Chief Executive of the Worldwide Ireland Funds and Founder and CEO of Diaspora Matters

This training is free but places are limited. Booked you spot below