Workspace at RDI Hub

At RDI Hub we believe the workplace of the future will be a space where diverse groups of people come together to do their best, most impactful work. We want to create an environment that fosters collaborative creativity.

Connect, Co-Create
and Scale

Our curated space brings corporates and startups together, creating an inspiring atmosphere and open environment of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Desk Space

Enjoy your own dedicated desk space and the perks of RDI Hub community, like access to investors, mentors, events, and workshops.

Take advantage of meeting rooms, focus spaces, and collaboration areas. Thrive in a space designed for growing tech teams to be creative and collaborate with innovators, risk takers and pacemakers.



Thrive in a space designed for growing tech teams to create and collaborate with innovators, risktakers and pacemakers.

Tech Tools

Access RDI Hub tech tools like our nine-screen video wall with dual aspect camera and surround sound for a truly immersive virtual experience.

Get access to our cutting-edge, collaborative virtual workspace which enables work in real time across any application, file or device anywhere in the world and of course access to 1Gb broadband.



We aim to create a positive space for you to do your most impactful work. We offer all our members wellness support through "I am Here", a mental health support and learning programme.

According to recent Accenture research, "64% of the Irish workforce is facing high anxiety"

I am Here

The Other Stuff

Fibre Broadband
Breakout Spaces
Free Carpark
Free Coffee
eCar Charging
Personal Locker
Prototype Rooms
Event Spaces
Partner Perks
Workshops and Meetups
Meeting Rooms

Dedicated Desks

€250 /month
  • Your own desk in a shared space
  • World-class tech community
  • Access to Advisors and Mentors
  • Team Learning & Development
  • Partner Perks
  • Access to meeting rooms

Event Space

From interviews to company town halls. Our event and meeting spaces are kitted out with everything your team needs to come together and ideate.

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