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John McCarthy AI Summer School

12th & 13th September 2024

AI for Sport 

International John McCarthy AI Summer School

AI for Sport

12th and 13th September 2024

The event – what is it about and who should attend?

Sport is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by technological advancements with data at its core. For professional athletes, data analytics offer critical insights that can significantly enhance performance metrics. For fitness enthusiasts, data provides a systematic approach to monitor progress and achieve personal fitness objectives. For spectators, data enriches the understanding of live action, whether in the stadium, on the field, or on the screen.

The premise is both straightforward and compelling: enhanced knowledge leads to improved performance and enjoyment. The sophisticated tools and data analytics that enable the attainment of personal bests are now widely accessible, benefiting not only elite sportspeople but also the general public.

We are delighted to announce that the following partners – RDI hub, Microsoft Ireland, Munster Technological University, the SFI ADAPT Centre for AI Driven Digital Content Technology, AI Ireland, and new partners Red Chair Recruitment and Skillnet Innovation Exchange will jointly host a hybrid Artificial Intelligence Summer School event on the 12th and 13th of September 2023.

This year’s summer school will deep dive into the area of AI for Sport with both core and applied research tracks. With an international lineup of speakers over two half days, this will be an unmissable event, including keynotes and panel discussions along with networking opportunities.

The core research elements of this summer school will appeal to professors, post docs, PhD students, researchers and graduate students in the fields of AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. The applied elements have a broader appeal and are accessible to anyone with an interest in Artificial intelligence and the various way it can be deployed.

The connection to the RDI hub

The RDI hub building is dedicated to John McCarthy as a tribute to the Stanford University computer scientist. McCarthy was one of the founders of the discipline of artificial intelligence and his father was born in Cromane, near Killorglin in Co Kerry. In the late 1950s McCarthy invented LISP which became the programming language of choice for AI applications.

AI has has a truly transformative effect on our lives in recent years, particularly with the advent of Generative AI. AI technology has risen to prominence in personalising the content we consume daily, such as customised sports highlights and tailored fitness advice. However, AI’s potential in sports extends far beyond this. From enhancing player performance through data analytics to revolutionising fan engagement with interactive experiences, AI is set to redefine the sporting landscape. We look forward to discussing these diverse applications with our speaker panel.

Our aim is that the John McCarthy AI Summer School will become a calendar moment for the development of AI and the sharing of knowledge.

Every year we bring you a stellar international lineup of the best and brightest minds working in Artificial Intelligence. The full speaker list will be announced shortly.

Limited seats available onsite - reserve your seat today

You can look forward to...

2 days of plenary lectures on selected topics presented by leading experts in the field

Networking opportunities with leaders from academia and public institution

Panel discussions and Q&A

Find RDI Hub

RDI Hub is just 15 minutes from Kerry Airport, 3 minutes from the bustling town of Killorglin, and 15 minutes from Killarney. You’ll find RDI Hub at the entrance to the charming town of Killorglin, on Killarney Road, V93 KP68.

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