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We built a state-of-the-art workspace for tech teams to do their best work, in one of the most beautiful place on earth, we created accelerator programmes to help them scale and connect them with investors, mentors, pioneering technology and R&D to accelerate tech innovation. We bring the right people together to build better.


Workspaces and Events

Whether you are looking to make RDI Hub your happy home or want to host an event with us, we have custom-built space and cutting-edge tech tools designed to bring people together.



Get access to a trusted network of investors, mentor’s, founders, tech experts and researchers' partners with the know how you need to help build a better product, faster that you could alone.



We connect you with the right startups, researchers and emerging tech through out innovation programmes to help you save time and streamline your approach to innovation.

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If you're a tech firm looking for a state-of-the-art, safe space for your growing team with cutting edge tech tools and access to a trusted network of founders, investors, researchers and experts to help you build a better product and an exceptional company, faster than you would have alone.

RDI Hub is the place for your. Join a community of pacemakers and disruptors today.

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Cutting edge Collaboration Tech Tools

Access to Emerging Tech

State-of-the-Art Space

Lower Cost Innovation

Access to a trusted network of Founders

Co-Create and procure opportunities between Corporates and Startups

Access to Investors

Peer to Peer Events

We can connect you to Research and Emerging Tech

In a landscape where change is the new constant, understanding emerging technologies and their use cases faster than your competitors is key.

We can connect you with relevant researchers, emerging tech and startups to find solutions faster.


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Hub News

Expand your growth mindset!

International author, speaker and strategic advisory, Stefan Lindegaard, joins the Pivot Series, Thursday the 23rd of July at 1pm (IST) to talk about how to expand your growth mindset. Growth Mindset in the context of leadership ...
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Networking with Kingsley Aikins –

Everyone agrees that Networking is critically important but it is now going to become more important than ever, particularly if you are thinking about a post pandemic career move or looking to maintain you network ...
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The Pivot Series Powered by RDI Hub

The Pivot Series Powered by RDI Hub New-World Innovation Rules One of the world’s most prolific inventors, Darrell Mann, joins The Pivot Series Powered by RDI Hub this Thursday, the 25th June at 1pm to ...
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