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Upcoming Programmes, Courses, Masterclasses and Events 

Grow your potential through our world class RDI Hub Innovation facility, all our initiatives are crafted to empower startup founders, SMEs, and corporate enterprises alike. Whether you’re aiming to upskill and train employees, nurture aspiring managers, or support scaling companies looking to thrive and expand, we offer customised solutions that are ideal for your growth journey.   


Microsoft Masterclass series 

Join our AI masterclass series, a collaboration between Microsoft and RDI Hub, designed for managers and employees of all levels.  

Date & Time: Last Tuesday of every month, 12-2pm. Format: Hybrid (in-person or online).
The series aims to equip professionals with the skills needed for AI adoption and application in business.

Topics will be revealed monthly and cover a wide range of subjects: 

  • Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: What Is AI?  
  • Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Good: A Multi-industry Perspective  
  • The Role of Data for AI at the Executive Level  
  • The Indispensable Role of Data Literacy  
  • Return On Investment (ROI) From AI  
  • AI and Customer Experience  
  • In-depth Look at Generative AI for Business  
  • AI In Marketing and Sales  
  • Pinpointing AI Opportunities Within Your Business  
  • Leveraging AI in Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs): Driving Growth and Innovation  
  • The Power of Explainable Ai (Xai)  
  • Dispelling AI Fears: A Data-backed Perspective  
  • Recognising The Need for External AI Expertise  
  • AI In Project Management  
  • The EU AI Act  
  • Generative AI for Tourism  
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot 

Register your interest to enhance your understanding of AI and its practical use in supporting business growth. 

Transform your Data with GenAI Driven Solutions

In this masterclass, we will dive deep into how small to medium-sized businesses can harness the power of Gen AI to develop their data management processes.

Date: Tuesday, 25th June

Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Format: Hybrid Event (In-person at the RDI Hub and Online)



Solve your companies data blocks…

  • Nick McNamara of Microsoft will address the siloed data concerns many companies have as they are considering using Gen AI and Copilot tools. He will demo Microsoft Fabric and it’s ability on streamline your data management and get your data AI-ready without technical hassle.
  • Garry Tiscovchi is the CEO of Kreoh, an exciting startup shaking up the Gen AI space by helping businesses automate and optimise their operations, particularly in areas like marketing and data management. Expect to hear examples of using AI in marketing automation, accounting, and for productivity enhancement.


Hear practical next steps from…

  • TEKenable who specialise in digital transformation, custom software development, and IT consulting, helping businesses modernise operations, implement cloud solutions, and leverage data analytics and AI.
  • Spanish Point Technologies help organisations streamline operations and enhance productivity through tailored implementations of Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Simplify Your Data Management
  • Discover how Microsoft Fabric integrates Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory into a single, cohesive environment. This platform allows you to effortlessly organise, manage, and act on your data from one unified perspective, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tools. Learn how to set up seamless data streams and prepare your data for advanced AI applications, like Copilot, without the technical complexity.
  • Real-World Applications and Success Stories
  • See tangible examples of how businesses like yours have successfully implemented AI to transform their data workflows. From automating marketing analytics to streamlining accounting tasks, you’ll hear firsthand accounts of the challenges they faced, the solutions they implemented, and the impressive results they achieved.
  • Expert Insights and Practical Guidance
  • Our speakers, including Nick McNamara from Microsoft and Garry Tiscovchi from Kreoh, will provide invaluable insights into the latest AI technologies and data management strategies. They will demonstrate practical, easy-to-implement solutions that you can start using immediately, regardless of your technical expertise or resource constraints.
  • Interactive and Engaging Experience
  • Participate in interactive breakout sessions where you’ll have the chance to work directly with industry experts. Get hands-on experience with tools and techniques that can help you start organising your data more efficiently and preparing it for AI deployment. Ask questions, share your challenges, and get personalised advice tailored to your business needs.
  • Network and Collaborate
  • Connect with other managers, digital transformation specialists, and developers from small to medium-sized businesses.

Join us


Online and In-person


25th June 2024



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Programmes in Practice

Our programmes provide hands-on training, real-life use cases, and insights from industry leaders and experts. Immerse yourself in practical knowledge to excel in your field and stay ahead of the curve. 


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Meet The Team


Senior Programmes Manager

Niall has the overall responsibility for the design, development and delivery of its world class corporate innovation and startup accelerator programmes. He is the HBAN lead for the Southwest region.


Programme Manager

Training and upskilling needs of corporations and SME’s in the Southwest and national region, taking inspiration from recent developments and trends that drive market change.


Programme Associate

Leading the NDRC programme and supports for startups and entrepreneurs alongside the Irish Tech Hub network and Ireland’s Startup Ecosystem.

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