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The last six months have been a blur of activity for Interflow Logistics.

A global freight forwarder and one of the leading providers of exhibition freight-forwarding and event logistics in Ireland, over their twelve years in business, Interflow have handled the shipping for all manner of events from Dubai World Expo, World of Coffee to the Russian Drift car series.

Their current project is one familiar to many American Football fans – Interflow, along with partner GDL, has been have been awarded the contract to manage the logistics for the first game of the Aer Lingus College Football Series 2022 when the Northwestern Wildcats will be opening the 2022 season against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

‘In a project this size, this means that we will be responsible for transporting over 18,000 individual items – from sports equipment, performance nutrition, audiovisual and medical supplies. A lot of this cargo must be returned within 24 hours of final whistle to meet the stringent domestic college football schedule. There are a huge amount of moving parts and variables!’

Niall Thompson MD of Interflow said: ‘It’s a great opportunity for us and we are looking forward to delivering this incredible event for our partners.’ For more info on the upcoming game on Saturday August 27th check out:

In May this year Interflow were awarded a global contract by Astra Zeneca, handling special logistics projects in Mexico, Egypt, Russia, Sweden and UK.

Interflow are members of the RDI Hub Killorglin, (Research, Development and Innovation) a multimillion euro purpose-built startup hub, dedicated to helping companies grow and scale. Interflow have since developed and built an event booking platform called Eventflow, which was launched in May and has been successfully deployed across European exhibition venues this year.

Eventflow simplifies the entire delivery process.  Any company delivering shipments to large exhibitions will have first-hand knowledge of the challenges and costs navigating that final mile. Eventflow delivers in a fast efficient manner.

Reaction to Eventflow has been hugely positive. Sue Davies of ‘We found the eventflow portal incredibly easy to navigate as did our members. The service proved to be invaluable and eliminated the waiting times of previous years.’

Brexit has been good to Interflow as they have seen an increase in trade from Irish exhibitors looking for a company that will handle everything from A-Z including all the new Brexit customs formalities.

This increase in trade has led to a recruitment drive. They have recently filled roles in Dublin and continue in their search for passionate events people.

Niall Thompson summed up by saying:
‘Covid was challenging, but we’ve used the time to validate logistical challenges and innovate. With the easing of restrictions we are now facing into a busy time again, we are hiring, we have some new tech, a new global contract and new base of operations, we are excited to see what the rest of 2022 will bring.’

Learn more about Interflow at

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