Innovation at RDI Hub

Large Corporates have traditionally grown through two mechanisms: organic growth and acquired growth. However, with organic growth proving difficult and acquired growth becoming expensive, we see a third route to growth emerging: collaborative growth

Collaborative growth enables innovation at scale. Our programmes bring together the right people to Co Create, collaborate and innovate at scale.

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The Discovery Programmes aim to connect you with the right startups, stakeholders and research partners to help you embrace the opportunities offered by digital transformation, de-risk big projects, and save you time.

Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is the tech industry approach to creating user-tested digital products. Used by Slack, AirBnB, Medium and almost every digital product out there, the Sprint Method gets your best ideas to market fast by cutting inefficiencies and maximising your team's output.
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Come with your own ideas and objectives and we will co-create highly curated experiences with you. At RDI Hub, we bring the right people together to breakdown silos and drive collaboration in formats like Hackathons, Design Jams, and Problem Framing workshops

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