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International author, speaker and strategic advisory, Stefan Lindegaard, joins the Pivot Series, Thursday the 23rd of July at 1pm (IST) to talk about how to expand your growth mindset.

Growth Mindset in the context of leadership and innovation is a secret weapon that future winners need to understand and adopt.

In this short session , you will get an introduction to the concept of the fixed versus growth mindset in the context of leadership, innovation and talent management.

Three key elements:

# 1 – The Growth/3 approach for mindset, leadership, systems

# 2 – Two exercises on growth mindset and growth leadership

# 3 – First take on your action plan and next steps (individual and organization)

Register early for the live session 👇

This is for current and future leaders who want to learn tools and techniques to become a growth leader and work this into their leadership style for more impact within organizations.

Big companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft and Haier (as well as scale-ups around the world) constantly experiment to create organizations to win in their markets. They keep experimenting because they know they have to win in the workplace before they can win in the marketplace. It’s people first and it starts with a growth mindset!

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